There was an old man whose health was failing so
his family decided it would be better to place the
old guy into a home where they could visit him
each weekend. After one week, the man's son came
to visit him and asked his dad, "What do you think
of the home?"

The old man replied, "Terrific son. The other day
I woke up with a hard-on and a beautiful young
nurse came into the room and gave me blowjob." The
following week, the son visited his dad again and
once again asked how his dad was getting on.

"Terrible," replied the old man. "The other day, I
fell down in the hallway and a big black orderly
fucked me up the ass. I want to go home son!"

"Well, dad," replied the son, "you always told me
that you had to take the good with the bad. One
week you got a blowjob, the next you got fucked.
That ain't so bad is it?"

"Ain't bad!?" exclaimed the old man, "I only have
a hard-on once a year, I fall over 10 times a

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